Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College to host
MediaCamp BUCKS 07

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (BCUC) will be participating at the forefront of new media technology when it plays host to MediaCamp BUCKS 07 on Saturday 20 October.

Renowned for its creative advertising courses, it is the first time that the University has become involved in hosting such an event and was selected due to its excellent new media facilities and ease of accessibility for delegates.

MediaCamp BUCKS 07, which will take place in the Technology Block at BCUC’s High Wycombe Campus, is a free, one-day ‘un-conference’ (a series of informal interactive sessions) event with a strong educational focus for all new media professionals and amateurs, bloggers and gamers. Its aim is to create a networking forum for participants to share, explore, challenge and grow abilities in the new media sector, providing opportunities to learn about audio and video podcasting, blogging, photography and all kinds of new and social media tools. Participants are encouraged to join in sessions or to organise and lead their own, addressing areas of their own choice.

To heighten opportunities for people to take part, MediaCampBucks 07 will be staged on several interactive levels; it will be simulcast online from local cameras and made available on the internet to anyone who wishes to ‘tune-in’ to the content but can’t make it to the venue, such as mew-media thinkers and influencers from other countries. It will also be streamed into SecondLife (, the 3D immersive platform where there will be a simultaneous ‘virtual event’ taking place, complete with performing musicians.

The event’s organiser is Chris Hambly, who is a Senior Lecturer at BCUC. Chris also operates his own new-media business in the area of social media consultancy and is a pioneer in the field of communication within the virtual world, having recently performed development work for The Coca Cola Company in it’s quest to create a ‘virtual thirst’ experience – whereby the public becomes engaged on a virtual level with the product.

Looking ahead to the event, Chris Hambly commented: “MediaCamp BUCKS 07 is a must for anyone interested in new and social media tools for business, marketing, development or education purposes. The beauty of the MediaCamp is that it is created and driven by its participants, for its participants – so bring what you know and share your knowledge! BCUC is an ideal venue to stage the event as it is very progressive in the area of new media”

MediaCamp BUCKS 07 is free to attend and is open to people of all levels of experience and ability, including the local business community. If you are interested in learning more about the event or joining in the sessions, either in person or remotely, simply go to and add yourself to the list of participants.

MediaCamp BUCKS 07 is organised by ACHUB, a not for profit growing community interested in sharing educational experiences with new forms of immersive and social media such as podcasting, blogging, twitter, secondlife, streaming video/audio, machinima, myspace, linkedin etc. Its mission is to:
• Provide a forum for the networking of colleagues and peers who have dedicated their careers to new-media, with a goal of representing a large and diverse community of interests and experience.
• Facilitate information exchange on issues that relate to creative business, technology embracing, advertising, new-media skills training and industry related education.
• Provide a platform for: industry events, seminars, web 2.0 information exchange, web-based information outlets and professional special interest groups dedicated to specific skills and areas of expertise.
Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College is the only state-funded higher education institution in Buckinghamshire. It has enjoyed a long and successful history since it was founded in 1893 as the School of Science and Art.

The University offers an extensive portfolio of courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and sub-degree level. It also offers services to industry including contract research, consultancy and the opportunity to employ graduates. The University’s faculties are aligned to employment markets: creative and cultural industries; the management and information management sectors; and the public sector.

The University College is entering an exciting phase as the new university in Buckinghamshire having met all the criteria for full university title. It is currently awaiting approval of a new name by the Privy Council. Website: