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armodio Babele Arte and ITLAND open Armodio’s personal exibition at Babele Arte contemporary art gallery on Second Life.

The event takes place in the new exposition centre ITLAND Expo, on the island ITLAND2, on 15th October 2007, at 9 pm (italian time) 12am (sl time). Armodio’s display is available till 19th November.

With a great success, last 16th July 2007, the gallery presented its first exposition, dedicated to William Xerra and his “I Lie”. Last 13td September 2007 the gallery opened the display of Paolo Baratella, the most important visionary of the XX Century.

The artistic season of Babele Arte continues with an other international artist, Armodio, who is on Second Life for the first time with his personal exposition. Available (and downloadable) the last great works of one of the most famous Italian artist in the world.

Vilmore Schenardi, known as Armodio, was born in Piacenza in 1938. With Gustavo Foppiani founded the “school of Piacenza”, benchmark for the surrealism of the Pianura Padana area. International appreciated artist, he collaborated with all the greatest galleries in the world, such as Paris, London and New York.


sailing map An interactive map for sailing

As u can see in the pict over here, in SL there is a new invention: an interactive map for sailing and for watching racing yachts and boats while they are in movement…
A creative avatar invented it and he explains: “I don’t want pubblicity for me but I hope inhabitants in Metaverse can join of my invention”.
A telemetric pod that u can wear on ur arm is the “secret” object that makes u a visible point on a giant map.
Another interesting way to watch for races at Sanchon, where u can find boat races and pirate battles… with true ships… and where u can find IACC America’s Cup Class Racing Yachts and Pirate ships in different malls of the same coast… in the beautiful Sanction sim setting.

pirate bar Pirates forever!

How many pirates are in SL? Hard question….so much people is a pirate in metaverse… and their places to drink in a dirty and dark night are so many….
At Wilder Islands 2, in the Pirate Bar where owner is a Scottish avatar wearing a green kilt, the barman is a naked female avatar: Barbs Kurka…. and she says that loves to stay without dresses for giving u a beer…
… uhmmm… she isn’t in the pict 😉

audio festival Last but not least: Audio!

A great festival has been in Audio Sim where Chris Ilambly has his headquarters and his Audio Courses in SL. The Summer Love Festival took place last sunday, August 9th 2007: a success of great music and funny people. Audio Zenith (Chris Hambly’s avatar) has a special gift for innovative idea in music brand.
So… great music and great voices inside the Celtic cross of Audio sim… 🙂

Plush Beta Griefer attack

In the night between 22 and 23 of August a griefer attack has shouted down business in Plush commercial lands at Dreamland.
All scripts in Anshe Chung Plush Regions didn’t work for many hours and neither after a restart they began to work again.
So business stopped, coz we know that without scripts running there is no possibility of objects management.

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